Brief History

The worship in Kuwait started by a small group of members of the Church, went for work in KOC ( Kuwait Oil Company) and at the American Mission Hospital in late 1940s.At the initial stages KOC extended the facility of inviting one priest every year during the Holy week, for special services. The Present Valia Metropolitan ( then Rev Philip Oommen) was the first priest to visit Kuwait, in 1948 under such arrangements.

In 1952, Rev. Philip Oommen (Valiya Metrolpolitan H G Dr.Philipose Mar Chrysostum Mar Thoma Valiya Metropolitan ) conducts the First Holy Communion according to the liturgy of Mar Thoma Church and Rev M.G. Chandy ( Late Dr. Alexander Mar Thoma Metropolitan ) inaugurates the first congregational worship at the American Mission Church.

Later the Kuwait government has graciously granted permission for a common place of worship for protestant Christians, N.E.C.K was formed as an ecumenical venture. In the Kuwait City the number of church members started increasing.

As the members of the Church increased, everyone felt the need of a separate Mar Thoma Parish and a parish was formed in 1963.

On 30th May 1963, an official Kalpana received from Dr. Juhanon Mar Thoma Metropolitan approved the formation of a new Edavaka “Kuwait Mar Thoma Parish”and appointed Rev. M.O.Oommen as its first Vicar. The parish started with a membership of around 450 including children.

Our parish is the only Parish of the Mar Thoma Church which was extinct and which came to life again. During the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990 our parish ceased to exist. Our parishioners had gone through the real life experience of the Israelites walking through the deserts and reaching our motherland. God lead our people as under the clouds during the day and under the pillar of fire during the night. Gracious Lord gave us a chance to return to Kuwait. Parish activities were again started in 1991. slowly the number our parishioners increased and it reached above 4500.

Based on the current pandemic Covid-19 several families are returning back to their homeland and currently the number of parishioners comes to around 3100 members.

We have got now more than 40 prayer groups, we have got all the church organizations well organized and current Vicar in charge is Very Rev. C. K. Mathew.

Thus a small mustard seed has sprouted and grown as a big tree, giving shade and nourishment for generations. Kuwait City Mar Thoma Parish is one of the biggest parish in the Mar Thoma Church, giving in the highest support for mission activities and various development work of the Church.