Talent test: A Word of GRATITUDE



Dear members of the Kuwait City Marthoma Parish

By the grace of the Lord we have been able to complete the Sunday School Talents Examination on Monday 6th October 2014.

I want to begin by Thanking the LORD for His Grace and Blessings.

The talents were made possible by the support and dedication of a large number of people including Achen, Judges, Volunteers, Office bearers, Teachers, Parents and Students.


I want to thank our Achen, Rev. Sam T. Koshy for his support, and prayers for the talents.


The talents were attended by 90 judges and reserve judges. This includes 44 Judges for Music English and Malayalam, 20 Judges for Story Telling and 26 Judges for Bible Reading. I want to thank them all for dedicating their valuable time for the Sunday School event. Special mention must be made for the reserve judges who came unsure of whether they will be needed or not.


Arrangements of the talents include setting the rooms for the classes on the previous day. Making sure that all the signs are posted correctly. On the day of the event it included supporting the Judges and teachers, arranging and delivery the refreshments to the classrooms and that over all general discipline was maintained. I want to thank all the volunteers who came to United Indian School on the evening of the 5th October 2014 as well as took time to help out on the morning of 6th October 2014 for support they provided for the completion of the Sunday school talents. Special Mention must be made for Mr. P C Abraham, Mr. Regi Daniel, Mr. Biju Abraham, Mr. Anish John and Mr. Varghese Mathew (Sabu).We appreciate the volunteers for their unfailing attention to every detail and volunteering their time.

Office Bearers:

I want to thank the Office Bearers of the Church, Sevika Sangam, Choir and Edvaka Mission for their valuable support for the Sunday School event.

United Indian School:

Every event that happens needs a venue at which it can be conducted. I would like to thank the administration Adv .John Thomas in particular, and staffs of United Indian School for their support for the smooth conduct of the Sunday school talents.


I want to thank all the parents, who have taken time to train their children and bring them over.


I want to thank each and everyone of the 65 teachers who assisted in various capacities for the Talents. Special mention must be made for our Head Master, Mr. Mathew Chandy and teachers Mr. Blesson Varghese, Mr.George Alexander, Mrs. Suja Abu George, Mr. Titty Thomas Sam, Mr. Robin Thomas Varghese, Mr. Godly Mathew George, Mr.Stephen Varughese Joseph, Mr. Shijo Thomas and Mr. Benjin Jacob who assisted in various ways on the 5th and the 6th of October.


Last but not least YOU are the reason that the talents were made possible. May GOD Bless you all.





Prayerful regards



Santhosh Thomas Oommen



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