It is a universal reality that, music plays an important role in tuning human mind to attain psychological adaptability for divine communion with God, in its quest for eternal peace. Relevance of Church Choir is very vital in assisting each believer to equip themselves psychologically to this state of mind. The role played by our Church Choir, to make an effective divine atmosphere & to lead the congregation in the singing ministry, for the Holy Communion and worship services of our church.

The Kuwait City Mar Thoma Parish Choir is a registered body under the Department of Sacred Music and Communications (DSM&C), the official music department of the Marthoma Syrian Church. Under the experienced and talented leadership of Mr. Thomas Mathew, the Church Choir comprising of 65 Senior Members and 36 Junior Members are actively assisting the Vicar in Holy Qurbana and Worship services conducted on every Friday at Marina Hall and allocated time at NECK.

The dedication of each Senior Choir members is commendable that in spite of daily work pressures, they find time to practice and perform the activities to the best extent. Our choir is blessed with the members those who are talented in writing and composing Christian devotional songs, which is a major contribution to the spiritual life of the believers of Christian doctrine. The divine gift of musical talents and ability to handle musical equipment bestowed on each member enrich the worshiping atmosphere effectively.

The Junior Choir under the Leadership of Mr. Vinod T. Jacob is a promise of the future. While being trained to sing contemporary songs in English, Malayalam and other languages, the effort to uphold our traditional songs is appreciable.  It is opening an arena for the younger generation to know and understand our tradition and culture, which is in jeopardy in the fast moving life of the present day.

Senior Choir 

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 Junior Choir

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