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Combined Portfolio

This project was done by John Doe on themeforest and cost him $35. All the work was done in under 2 months and completed on time and within the stipulated budget guidelines




Color Styles

Kuwait City Mar Thoma website comes bundled with 8 preset colors showcasing the sheer beauty, coupled in with flexibility. Choose your favorite color




Executive Committee

Patron Most. Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan
Vicar Very Rev. K O Philipose
Vice-Patron Mr. Thomas Chandy 
General Convenor Adv. John Thomas P
Convenors Mr. William K Daniel
  Mr. Shibu Thomas Pullampallil
Convenor Mr.  Jacob Thomas
Jt. Convenors Mr.  Thomas Mathew
  Mr.  Cherian P M
Convenor Mr.  Mathew Varghese (Ajit)
Jt. Convenors Mr.  Simon Samuel
  Mr.  Thomas Mathai Mathew (Jose)
  Mrs.  Gracy Alexander
  Mr.  Varghese M V
Convenor Mr.  Shaji Simon
Jt. Convenors Mr.  Alex Lukose
  Mr.  Mathew V George
  Mr.  Joby Philip Mathew
Convenor Mr.  Sunil T Thomas
Jt. Convenors Mrs.  Chechamma Sunu
  Mr.  Reji P Thomas
  Mr.  Binu K John
Convenor Mr.  Shilu George
Jt. Convenors Mr.  Blesson Varghese
  Mrs.  Rachel Oommen
Convenor Mr.  Philip Varghese
Jt. Convenors Mr.  Babu Varghese
  Mrs.  Anu Mathew
  Mr.  Sibu Mammen
Convenor Mr.  Siji George
Jt. Convenors Mr.  Abraham P Chacko
  Mr.  Joyson Varghese
Convenor Mr.  Gibi Varghese Tharakan
Jt. Convenors Mr.  John Thomas (Issac)
  Mr.  Varghese Mathai
Convenor Mr.  Soman P Mathai
Jt. Convenors Mr.  Jacob Abraham
  Mrs.  Aleyamma Shaji
  Mrs.  Selin Mary Mammen
Prayer Cell    
Convenor Mr.  Eapen T Eapen
Jt. Convenors Mr. Mathew Chacko
  Mrs.  Sally Varghese
Convenor Mr.  Abraham C T
Jt. Convenors Mr. Eapen Alunkal
  Mr.  Vipin Tharian

General Committee

Very Rev. K.O.Philipose
Adv. John Thomas P
Mr. Mathew Varghese
Mr. Shaji Simon
Mr. Alex Lukose
Mr. Abraham C. T.
Mr. Siji George 
Mr. Shilu George
Mr. William K. Daniel
Mr. Shibu Thomas Pullampallil
Mr. Abey P. Koshy
Mr. Abi Eapen Kurien
Mr. Abraham John (Jomon)
Mr. Abraham Mathew
Mr. Abraham P C 
Mr. Abraham T Jacob
Mr. Abraham Thomas (Achenkunju)
Mr. Ajith Mammen
Mr. Alex Jacob
Mr. Alexander K John
Mrs. Aleyamma Cherian
Mrs. Aleyamma Ninan (Omana)
Mrs. Aleyamma Shaji 
Mr. Anil John Jacob
Mr. Anish A Chacko
Mr. Anish Cherukara
Mrs. Annamma Kurien
Mr. Anu Maradona
Mrs. Anu Mathew
Mrs. Asha Anna Alex
Mr. Ashok P. Abraham 
Mr. Babu Johnson
Mr. Babu Mathunni
Mr. Bejoy Jacob Mathew
Mr. Benoy
Mr. Benoy John V
Mr. Biji Varghese
Mr. Biju Abraham
Mr. Biju Kurien
Mr. Biju Oommen Joy
Mr. Bijumon Joy
Mr. Binu Abraham
Mr. Binu K John
Mr. Binu P. Sam
Mr. Binu Puliyilethu
Mr. Binu T. Varghese 
Mr. Blesson Varghese
Mr. Bobban Oommen
Mr. Bobby George (Choir)
Mr. Chacko T O
Mr. Chacko Thomas
Mrs. Chechamma Sunu
Mr.  Cherian P Thomas (Shaji)
Mr. Daniel M T 
Mrs. Darly Varghese
Mr. Eapen Alunkel 
Mr. Eapen T. Eapen
Mr. Geevarghese K G
Mr. Geevarghese Mathew
Mr. George Abraham K
Mr. George Alexander 
Mr. George Chacko
Mr. George Eapen
Mr. George Mathew (Renji)
Mr. George Mathew K
Mr. George Samuel
Mr. George Thomas ( Roy)
Mr. George Varghese 
Mr. George Varghese (Manju) 
Mr. Georgekutty C
Mr. Gibi Tharakan
Mr. Gigi George
Mrs. Gigi Philip
Mrs. Gracy Alexander
Ms. Greeshma Philip
Mr. Idiculla Mathew Thomas
Mr. Jacob C Thomas (Joy)
Mr. Jacob K C
Mr. Jacob Mathew (Anson)
Mr. Jacob P G
Mr. Jacob Varghese
Mr. Jacob Varghese
Mr. James B. Simon
Mr. James Eapen Roy
Mr. James Titus
Mr. James V P
Mr. Jayan Abraham 
Mr. Jebin Abraham
Mrs. Jessy George
Mrs. Jessy Rachel
Mr. Jinu V Jom
Mr. Joby K. M. 
Mr. Joby P. Mathew
Mr. John Koshy
Mr. John P A 
Mr. John Philip
Mr. John Samuel
Mr. John Thomas
Dr. John Thomas K (Manoj)
Mr. John Thomas M. 
Mr. John Varghese
Mr. John Varghese
Mr. Johnson Varghese 
Mr. Johnson Vinu
Mr. Jose Thomas
Mr. Joseph M.A. 
Mr. Joseph Mathew (Rajenkutty)
Mr. Joshy Joy
Mr. Joy Samuel
Mr. Joyson Varghese
Mr.  K V Mammen (Saji)
Mr. Koshy Alexander
Mr. Koshy Oommen K
Mr. Kurian George
Mr. Kurien Abraham (Prakash)
Mr. Kuruvilla K Philip
Mr. Laaji Jacob
Mrs. Laila Zacharia
Mr. Leji Philip Joseph
Mrs. Lilly Jacob
Mr. Luckose Mathai
Mr. Manu Toms Zacharia
Mr. Manu Varghese
Mrs. Mariamma Abraham
Mr. Mathai E Scaria
Mr. Mathai P Mathew
Mr. Mathai Thomas 
Mr. Mathew Abraham
Mr. Mathew C M 
Mr. Mathew C Zacharia
Mr. Mathew Chandy P
Mr. Mathew K Chacko ( James)
Mr. Mathew K Thomas (Rajan)
Mr. Mathew P M (Kochumon)
Mr. Mathew P. Thomas (Saji)
Mr. Mathew Skariah
Mr. Mathew Varghese 
Mr. Mathew Varghese (Shibu)
Mr. Mathew Varkey
Mr. Mathews Mammen
Mr. Minu Mathew
Mr. Moncy M John
Mr. Ninan Mathew 
Mrs. Omana Varghese
Mr. Oommen Jacob
Mr. Oommen K Samuel
Mr. Oommen Philip
Mr. Parimanam Manoj
Mr. Paul Zacharia M. 
Mr. Philip Chacko M
Mr. Philip George (Manoj)
Mr. Philip Mathew M (Kochumon)
Mr. Philip Thomas
Mr. Philip Varghese
Mr. Philipose Varghese Vaidyan
Mr. Philips Daniel
Mr. Prasad K. Mathews
Mr. Prasad Varghese 
Mr. Prasad Varghese 
Mrs. Rachel Oommen
Mrs. Rachel Thomas
Mr. Rajan Baby
Mr. Rajan Kulakkada
Mr. Raju C Ninan
Mr. Reji Daniel
Mr. Reji Easow
Mr. Reji P Thomas
Mr. Reji Varghese
Mr. Remy Sam
Mr. Ronson T A Mathew
Mrs. Rosamma Abraham
Mr. Roy Mathew
Mr. Roy Papachen
Mr. Sabu Jacob
Mrs. Sally Varghese
Mr. Sam Adapanamkandom
Mr. Sam George
Mr. Sam K. Abraham
Mr. Sam Wilson
Mr. Santhosh Mathew
Mr. Santhosh Oommen
Mr. Santhosh Thankachan 
Mrs. Selin Mary Mammen 
Mr.  Shaiji Tharakan
Mr. Shajee John
Mr. Shaji Jacob
Mr. Shaji Mathew
Mr. Shaji Thomas 
Mr. Shaji Thomas 
Mrs. Sherin Jacob
Mr. Shibu Mathew 
Mr. Shijo Thomas
Mr. Shiju Mathew
Mr. Sibi Jacob
Mr. Sibu Mammen
Mr. Simon Samuel
Mr. Soman P. Mathai
Mrs. Soorya Thomas
Mrs. Soumini John
Mr. Stephen Chacko Mathew
Mrs. Suja Abu George
Mr. Sunil T. Thomas
Mr. Sunu Thomas
Mrs. Susan Alexander
Mr. Teni Abraham Thomas
Mr. Thomas Jacob
Mr. Thomas John
Mr. Thomas John 
Mr. Thomas John (Reji)
Mr. Thomas John V
Mr. Thomas K Oommen
Mr. Thomas K. Varghese
Mr. Thomas Mathai Mathew
Mr. Thomas Mathew (Jayan)
Mr. Thomas T M
Mr. Thomas T V  (Kochukunju)
Mr. Thomas Thomas P.
Adv. Tiss Abraham
Mr. Titus Vaidyan T O
Mr. Tom Thomas
Mr. Tomy Thomas
Mr. Vaidyan T. O. K. 
Mr. Varghese C C (Joy)
Mr. Varghese George 
Mr. Varghese K. Mathai
Mr. Varghese M V 
Mr. Varghese Mathai 
Mr. Varghese Mathew
Mr. Varghese Mathew 
Mr. Varghese O T
Mr. Varghese P C  
Mr. Varghese P T
Mr. Varghese P Thomas 
Mr. Varghese Thomas P.
Mr. Varkey Philip
Mr. Viji Philip
Mr. Vinod T Jacob
Mr. Vipin Tharian
Mr. Zachariah C. Cherian
Mr. Jacob Mammen
Mr. Babu Varghese
Mr. Jacob Abraham
Mr.  Mathew V George

Philip Zacharia

Advisory Board

Mr.  Jacob Thomas
Mr.  Cherian P M
Mr.  Thomas Mathew (Babu)
Mr.  Alex Samuel
Mr.  Chacko Varghese
Mr. Chandapilla M S
Adv. Jacob Varghese
Mr.  John Kuruvilla
Mr.  Joy P C
Mr.  Kurien George
Mr. Mammen A  M
Mr. Mammen Geevarghese
Mr.  Mathew Jacob
Mr. Mathew Jacob ( Samkutty)
Mr.  Mathew V T
Mr.  Philip George
Mr.  Samuel Varghese
Mrs.  Susan Roy
Mr.  Thomas C V
Mr.  Thomas Varghese ( Sunny)
Mr.  Varghese A T
Mr. Varghese P S


Mr.  Mathew M C
Mr.  Samuelkutty P T
Mr.  Raju Varghese

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