Choir Audition

Kuwait City Mar Thoma Parish Choir invites application from the parishioners, to introduce new members to Junior and Senior Choirs.  Those who are gifted for singing and willing to dedicate their time and talent for the singing ministry (Junior choir: children who have completed 8 years on or before 31 March 2013) can apply. The last date for receiving the application is 13th April, 2013 9.00pm and an Audition will be organized on 19th April 2013 at 10:00 AM.  

Song for Audition:      

Seniors -  Yesuvin Divya Sneeham Song No: 367 (Tune DSMC music notation)

Juniors -   Ninnishtam Deva Aayidatte Song No: 227

Choir Audition Notice

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