Inter Prayer Bible Quiz 2015-16

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bible quiz

Date: Friday, February 05, 2016

Time: 6.30 pm

Venue: United Indian School

Last date of registration: 30 November 2015

Portions: I Samuel (Old Testament), I Corinthians (New Testament)

(70% marks from these portions.)

30% from Church history, General Knowledge &  Current affairs

For more details, Convener: Mr. Mathew Varghese 99166201



Rules & Regulations

General rules
1) All Prayer Groups of Kuwait City Mar Thoma Parish are eligible to participate.
2) There is neither age limit nor gender discrimination for the participants.
3) The teams should consist of a maximum of three members.
4) Participating prayer groups should submit their registration on or before 30 November 2015.
5) Bible references and answers should be made only from Bible Society of India version book. (For English New International Version only) All the answers need to be given as stated in the Bible, without any variations.
6) There will be a jury to assist the Quiz Master’s and the decision of Quiz Master’s will be final. In case, the Quiz Master refer any question to the Jury for any decision, then the Jury’s decision will be final.
7) In case a Team gives more than one answer for a particular question, then the first answer will be considered as their answer to the question.
8) Participating teams should report to the registration counter at the venue, before 5.30 pm on the event day (Friday 05 February 2016)and collect their identification
9) Bible portions for IPGBQ-2015 - 2016 will be 1st Samuel from old Testament and 1st Corinthians from the New Testament.
10) A weightage of 70% will be given for the prescribed Bible portion and the remaining 30% will be covered from Church History, General Knowledge and Current Affairs.
11) Answers can be written either in English or Malayalam for the written examination but for final rounds, team should opt the language(English or Malayalam) at the beginning of the final round.
12) For clarifications, if any, please contact the Convener Mr. Mathew Varghese. (Mob. 99166201)
13) Rounds and Details

1. There will be a written examination which comprises of 50 questions in the qualifying round. One mark will be awarded for each correct answer.
2. The written examination will be of 30 minutes duration.
3. The top eight teams will be selected for the final round.
4. While awarding marks spelling mistakes will be counted. The Jury will be consulted for the same.
5. The answers should be complete and should be written as in the Bible.
6. Incomplete answers will be considered as wrong and no marks will be awarded.
7. In case of a tie for the qualification to the final round, the tied teams will be asked further questions to break the tie.

B. Final Rounds
It consists of five (5) rounds of questions.
1. Multiple Choice Round – 20 mark @ correct answer (Starts with Team A)
2. Audio Round – 20 mark @ correct answer (Starts with Team H)
3. Pass-on Round – 20 mark @ correct answer for 1st attempt and 10 mark for the
following team with correct answer. (Starts with Team A)
4. Visual Round – 20 mark @ correct answer (Starts with Team H)
5. Rapid Fire Round – 5 mark @ correct answer (Starts with Team A)
(Maximum 15 questions)

14) Each team will be able to answer one question from each round (maximum of 10 seconds to answer their question) except for the Rapid Fire round.
15) For Pass on round, if the team with direct question is unable to answer, the chances will go to the next team immediately without prior time and so on.
16) Rapid Fire round will be conducted by allowing teams to answer as many questions as they can (a maximum of 15 questions) within one minute time.
17) Further instructions, if required, will be given by the Quiz Master before each round.
18) Choose one leader to answer from the group for each round.
19) Only first answer will be accepted. Only one person should speak.
20) Only one answer over the microphone stated by the leader will be accepted.
21) For every round you will be asked to pick one number (out of 1-10) for question selection.
22) Question will then be displayed on the screen.
23) Provide the answer after discussion with team mates but within the time limit.
24) Any answer beyond the time limit will not be accepted.
25) Answers should be complete. No mark will be awarded for incomplete answers.
26) All answers should be CLEARLY & LOUDLY said over the microphone.
27) No prompting from the audience is allowed.