Inter Prayer Bible Quiz 2014: Rules & Regulations

General rules

1)     Participating prayer groups should submit their registration forms duly completed on or before 30th September 2014

2)     There is no age limit for the participants.

3)     The teams should consist of a maximum of three members.

4)     One member of the Team should be designated as the Team leader.

5)     Bible references and answers should be made only from Bible Society of India version book. ( For English Revised Standard Version only)

6)      Quiz Master’s decisions will be final. In case, the Quiz Master refer any question to the Jury for any decision, then the Jury’s decision will be final.

7)     In case a Team gives more than one answer for a particular question, then the first answer will be considered as their answer to the question.

8)     Participating teams should report to the registration counter at the venue, before 5.30 pm on the event day (Friday 24th October 2014)and collect their identification

9)     For clarifications, if any, please contact the Convener Mr. Mathew K Chacko. (Mob. 66272850, 55196986)

10)Bible portions for IPBQ-2014 will be Micah from old Testament  and Romans from the new Testament

11) A weight age of 70% will be given for the prescribed Bible portion and the remaining will be based on” entire Bible”, church history and current events.

Rounds and Details


    There will be a written examination which comprises of 30 questions in the qualifying round.

The top eight teams will be selected for the final round.

The written examination will be of 30 minutes duration

While awarding marks spelling mistakes will be counted. The Jury will be consulted for the same

The answers should be complete and should be written as in the Bible.

Incomplete answers will be considered as wrong and no marks will be awarded

In case of a tie for the qualification to the final round, the tied teams will be asked to answer a set of 10 more questions to break the tie

     B. Final Rounds

It consists of six rounds of questions.

1)      Yours Choice Round

2)      Ours Choice Round

3)      Pass-on Round

4)      Visual Round

5)      Rapid Fire Round

6)      Tie-Break round( If required only)

 A Tie - breaker round will be used to break the tie to decide the winner, if   two or more teams locked with same points.

1.Yours Choice Round

Ask a question along with its multiple answers. (Starts with Team  A )

1)     Each team can select a question from a pool of questions, which will not be passed to other teams.

2)     The correct answer will be awarded with 10 marks

3)     Each team will get a maximum of 10 seconds to answer their question

2. Ours Choice Round

1)      Question are  layered on  a maximum of five clues which will be provided from time to time, with appropriate reduction in scores for each clue availed.(Starts  with Team H )

2)      Each team will get their own question which will not be passed to the other teams.

3)      Five clues will be included in each question.

4)      The Quizmaster will wait for the team to ask for their next clues.

5)      If the team gives correct answer on the first clue, 50 points will be awarded.40,30,20,10, points will be awarded for the correct answer on the second, third, fourth, and fifth clues respectively.

6)      Each team will be allowed a maximum of 50 seconds to answer the question.

7)      At any point of time, for any clue, if the team responded with an answer and the answer is incorrect , then the team will not get any more clues for answering the question(ie; The team will get only one chance to answer the question either wright or wrong)

3. Pass-on Round

1)     Ask a question to a Team (starts with Team  A )

2)     Each team will be allowed a maximum of 10 seconds to answer the question.

3)     Each team can select a question to answer from a pool of questions provided.

4)     If the team, to whom the question is asked, answered correctly 20 points will be awarded. If not , the question will be passed on to the next team, who will get 5 seconds to answer it

5)     Correct answer for a pass- on question will be awarded with10 points.

6)     The procedure of passing on will be continued until a complete cycle has been completed, if not already answered.

4. Visual Rounds

1)     Each team will get their own question which will not be passed to other teams. (starts with  Team H )

2)     The question will be asked based on the visuals.

3)     Each team will get a maximum of  10  seconds to answer their question

4)     The visuals will not be played /displayed continuously, but may be intermittently        played             

5)     10 points will be awarded to the correct answer.

5.  Rapid Fire Round

              Each team will get their own set of questions (starts with Team A)

1.       This round will be conducted by allowing teams to answer as many questions as they can (a maximum of 15 questions) within one minute time.

2.       Each team will get their own set of questions which will not be passed to the other teams.

3.       Only the team leader will be allowed to answer. Prompting by fellow team members will be allowed.

4.       Each correct answer will be awarded with 5 points.

5.       The team can discard a question if they do not get a timely answer by saying PASS. No marks will be awarded or deducted for the same Once the question passed, it will not be repeated and the Quiz Master will ask the next question.

6.       The Quiz master’s response to the answers may be “Wright or Wrong”. He will not answer to the passed questions or the wrongly answered ones.

7.       If any team gives a minimum of 13 correct answers out of 15 questions  asked within the stipulated time , 10 points will be awarded as bonus to the team(ie; 65 + 10= 75 marks will be awarded)

8.       If any team gives all the 15 answers correct within the stipulated time, 25 points will be awarded as bonus to the team ( ie; 75+25= 100 marks will be awarded)


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